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Written by Κώστας   
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 21:08

In the last Sunday of February 2007, Unicorn had the honour to entertain one of the most important scientists of our times. Dr Paul A. LaViolette spoke about the "Genesis of the Cosmos", according to his own researches and conclusions, as there are written in his homonym book.

Dr Paul A. LaViolette is a physicist and systems scientist, has led pioneering researches in the theory of general systems, in the theoretical physics, in the astronomy, in the geology, in the climatology and in the cosmology field.


In his speech he presented the "decipherment" of ancient myths, which includes - according to the him – a coded theory of cosmology in which the matter increases permanently. It is an opinion that objects the prevailing theory of Big Bang and supports the continuous creation of universe by binate sperms that emerge autogenously from the environmental subquantum chaos.paul_laviolette


Dr Paul A. LaViolette presented transparencies with which he explained the hidden secrets in ancient myths on Creation in contrast with conclusions of modern scientific thought and giving a new dimension and an extremely interesting new way of "their reading".


The speech took place in the English language, so as not to occur any problems regarding the formulation of the speakers’ point of view - although he speaks Greek fluently. The interest of audience was undiminished throughout the speech, and although it’s 2 hours duration, was not tedious at all. Furthermore, this was proved by the number of questions that followed.


This was the first speech that we organised in frames of the unit named "Unicorn reality", in which we aspire via speeches and projections of particular films to apprise opinions and viewpoints for our world that are not widely known and to explore with you strange ideas and philosophical and scientific tendencies that escape from the established perceptions.